Guilty As Charged! FAKE!

They hide behind social media posts and seek attention through throwing pity parties. Always the victim. Always have some shit they don’t deserve on their plate.

I dont understand those people who cant stress enough how they hate drama. When it’s continuous for several months and then the months have turned to years and it is still the same story, it’s time to wake up! You do not have a fan club. Those so called haters who you are still claiming to be the cause of your drama are obviously only doing what you allow. Changing someone else is most likely never an option. So blaming others for causing drama non stop, while you allow them to be part of your life is not justifiable. It’s like blaming
Drama does not chose anyone. You chose who and what you will allow in your life.

Most of them say how they are ridding their lives from those wIt’s almost like a way of life for them. They speak as though they hate it, but their actions speak different. They want to be happy or say they want to be happy but, depend on those around them to fulfill that want. That’s impossible. You have to find happiness within yourself and take responsibility for your own decisions and actions and stop blaming those who love and care about you.

If yesterday you were not happy. If yesterday you were stressed about all of that so called drama. If this pattern has kept on for years, what does that mean??

Isn’t it time?? Time to wake up and stop pointing fingers and to stop dwelling on how bad your past was and what hell you have been through. Leave the past in the past and focus on TODAY. Wake up with a different attitude.  But, most of all change your perspective and outlook on how you feel and what your day will have to offer. There are so many things to be happy about that we all often take for granted. Most of all be thankful you woke up this morning! We never know when we are living our last day. We  jist never know! We are all dying, but some quicker than others. So start acting like each day is your last because it just might be. So why spend it unhappy when you can spend it loving those who love you instead of constant arguing and drama? That alone will make anyone happy.

All that energy that is being used to feed that said drama you can’t stand. Along with all of the energy used to post about your haters and their drama on Facebook , becomes only wasted time you will never get back. So much time wasted that you could be doing things that make you happy or things that you needed to get done! And if each day you do the same thing you did yesterday, maybe it’s time to CHANGE!

Stop living the way you did yesterday if you are that unhappy! Happiness is a choice, not a chance. It’s nobody’s choice but, your own if you stay on that same negative path with that same negative perspective you’re never going to see anything different!


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