Elminate Fuck Boys & Live By Girl Code

Girl Code was our repsect we had for each other and others. What we knew without ever having to be told becsuse it was a way of life. It was just known. We treared our girls how we wanted them to treat us. We chose chicks before we chose dicks!!

It Was a Way of Life! The Unspoken Rules Females are Expected to Follow.-
GIRL CODES #1-13 (More to come.)

Girl code is a way of life. It’s a set of unspoken rules that all females are expected to follow. So if you are unsure of some of these unspoken rules this handbook will get you up to date!

Girl code shows women how to have respect and show kindness to one another. Everybody makes a few mistakes but, if one chooses to be a constant code breaker, one will slowly lose all girlfriends and eventually be eliminated from all girls who know you as you become the enemy. These codes will help build your friendships and make them stronger and all it takes is kindness and respect of fellow girls!

It has been questioned if the Girl Code even really exists! Well DUH! It’s a way of life and all hell breaks loose without it. If you want to have REAL friendships with other REAL girls there is no question that you MUST follow the Code. Treat your girls how you want to be treated!

This is a handbook has some of what we thought were the most important Girl Codes that one must follow to build long lasting bonds and have people around you that you can trust and count on. So when in doubt check it out! Don’t get caught breaking the Girl Code!

Girls need to stick together and know their worth! Stop making other girls feel less about their selves to make you feel better about yourself! A strong woman knows who she is and doesn’t envy or judge every girl that looks like a threat! It’s all about GIRL POWER!!!

Breaking any of the codes will result in consequences and most likely lots of girl drama that easily could have been prevented. Codes are in no particular order and are all just as important as the next to be a good friend!

Don’t be one of those basic bitches who have no respect for other girls, who constantly stab other girls in the back and worst of all choose dicks before chicks!! Don’t be one of those chicks who can’t be trusted and is hated by all. So don’t let these game playing boys make you fight! They find personal pleasure from it and learn how to work us all. So don’t let one come between your friendships! A strong, rock hard friendship can last a life time but, chances are that dicks going limp! But, who needs those players when girls have each other! Don’t play his game! Girls stick together and leave him lonely instead of playing you all and making you hate each other! There will be plenty more guys in your future! And plenty who won’t try to bang your whole circle of friends as he takes his pick and plays his game. Tell him girls, GAME OVER! WE WIN! GIRLS RUN THE WORLD!

CODE #1 Ex Boyfriends (aka MOST IMPORTANT RULE)
No girl may date her friend’s; exs, past crushes, guys who have used or publicly humiliated her, made her cry or is currently her obsessesion…Exceptions: Your friend could care less and you know this because of conversations you have had or that friend grants you permission. (In which no girl should ever ask for if this said boy falls into the category of making her cry, she loved him, current obsession, or they dated over 6 months.) Forget it! He’s not worth it and he is OFF LIMITS!

CODE #2 The Boyfriend is Not Your Friend or Buddy
No girl is to ever hang out with, text, or call the boyfriend of a friend without that friend present. That is all fine the two of you were just the best of friends before they started dating but, now they’re dating so it is time to keep your space. Not that you can’t be friends but, include your friend. Don’t leave her in the dark. No flirting with your friend’s man. Not only is it disrespectful but, also very annoying to be around. It will only distance your friendship.

Exceptions: If permission is granted from that friend there should be at least 3 other people with you when hanging out. Any texting or calling without that friend knowing will only cause trust issues and questions between the 3.

CODE #3 Find Your Own Style
No girl shall purchase an outfit or particular item of clothing which she is fully aware that her friend owns.

Exceptions: Your friend is cool with you jacking her style and it was discussed before you purchased it then it shouldn’t be an issue. But, if your friend gets this fresh new look that was sort of her own and you come to school the next day with that look, you can expect all shit to hit the fan!

CODE #4 Chicks Before Dicks
Just because you are dating and madly in love that doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking second with him. Make time for your friends! You have your whole life to get settled down and spend all your time with a man. No need to play house in high school because the real thing will be here before you know it and by that time you won’t have time for friends.

High School isn’t about dating or even finding that life partner. It is about finding yourself and learning who you are and what makes you happy! Real happiness isn’t something other people can give us, so study hard, hang out with all your friends and make memories that will last a lifetime! High School is your time to prep for your future and decide what and where you will go with your life. Boys are more trouble and work than they are worth. So stir clear of all those mind altering boys that just get you in trouble, break your heart or all together waste your time!

CODE #5 Girls Night Out
Is exactly what it says. GIRL’s night out! No girl wants to be that annoying friend with the obsessive boyfriend that doesn’t ever want to let her hang out with her friends. If you can’t make one night to just the girls and he is begging to tag along; don’t even ask the girls! Save the humiliation and stay at home with his controlling ass! Even if they tell you that they don’t mind if he joins; they TOTALLY mind!

CODE #6 Whore Status
Sleeping with more than one guy in a night, sleeping with more than 5 guys in a week, being known for messing around with guys that are in a relationship or constantly cheating on your boyfriend can all earn you the Whore Status. Girls don’t want to be friends with that girl that has slept with every available guy in school. Keep it classy girls. Don’t be everybody’s booty call. You deserve better, but you won’t get it making bad decisions like spreading your legs for anyone that asks!

CODE #7 The New Friend
If you or another friend have previously got with or dated your new friend’s man. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES EVER is it okay to speak about or tell stories about that said boy from your past, good or bad. This however can be broken once the said friend has broken up with the guy. In this situation you can now bitch about said guy and share your experiences for the greater good of you both!

CODE #8 Cock-Blocking
Cock-Blocking is never okay when it is for you happiness over your friends. The only time you are morally obligated to stop your drunken friend from getting with a guy is when you KNOW she will greatly regret in the morning. (With her under the influence this requires use of proper judgement from her girlfriend because what sounds fun tonight won’t always be as fun to wake up to in the morning.) In this case ‘cock-blocking’ is acceptable no matter what the stupid man code says. Girls run this mother!

CODE #9 Friends Don’t Let Friends Look Bad on Facebook
The next morning after a crazy night hanging with the girls, you get on Facebook to find your friend had posted several pictures from that said night. The proof that confirmed how intoxicated you and most of the other girls in the picture were. Only half way sober one is the selfie queen herself who was snapping all of the pictures and to her advantage and hers only. All of us who were clearly not aware of her snapping pics looked like we were straining to take a poop, had mouth wide open for no particular reason and eyes closed, and just flat out all around awkward looking. These were by far some of the worst pictures most of us had ever been captured in. Yet the self-absorbed selfie queen got all the angles right and all the right poses to make herself look basically like a beauty queen when compared to the rest of us and she can’t lie and say she didn’t realize how terrible the rest of the group looked with captions like, “best night ever with my girls”, or “clearly not as trashed as these bitches, still looking hot as ever.” And when you ask her to delete them all she can say is, “seriously, they aren’t that bad.” This is the friend that gets left at home next time to be self-absorbed and take selfies all night alone, with captions like, “So bored.” “No one to hang with.” “No real friends.” Or other attention seeking statuses.

CODE #10 Secrets Don’t Make Friends
Under no circumstances is it ever acceptable for two girls to whisper to one another in the presence of other girls. They are automatically assuming it is them you whispering about or wondering why they aren’t special enough to get in on whatever top secret info you feel the need to whisper about. This causes a huge tension with girls and makes people feel out of place and uncomfortable and most likely that is what the one whispering was trying to do. If you are out with a group of girls or around a group of girls, and you aren’t comfortable telling everyone what you wanted to tell your closest friend, just save it for another time.

CODE #11 Come as a Group, Leave as a Group
Leave with the same group of friends you arrived to the party of function with unless a mutual agreement has been made prior to the event. Never leave anyone behind and always look out for one another and have each other’s backs.

CODE #12 Hot Dad Obsession
Flirting with your friend’s dad is never acceptable, no matter how hot you think he is. And no your friend doesn’t want to hear about your thoughts on his hotness either. (CREEP) If he can be her dad than he can probably be yours! (Ew) This is one thing you are definitely safer keeping to yourself.

CODE #13 How to Dress
If your skirt is short enough for the pockets to come out of the bottom, other females have the given right to label you as a dick tease. However if you’re ok with the label please do wear whatever you would like. We need someone take pics of and send to each other and talk shit on. Expect it. If you have the confidence to let everything hang out for all to see than you should have the confidence to deal with the other females and their expected trash talking.

Hope you enjoyed reading codes #1-13! More Girl Codes to come! Do you have a Girl Code that you didn’t see posted and want to see on my next list? If so leave me a comment and we will work it in!

Thank u for all who took the time to read and pass it around to all your girls! The Girl Code is REAL and REAL girls follow it!


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